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From comparing lineart and animation frames from multiple episodes, I've determined that FPA ship classes are nonstandard. Possibly semi-standardized? Meaning that, even between ships of the same class/design, measurements/armaments/etc. can and will differ. Sort of like old Medieval fleets. Can anyone verify whether or not this also applies to imperial ships?

First time I noticed this - how do you mean? AFAIK, FPA ship types (not including their flagships) are all the same - within their type. Now I understand that sometimes they might look different, but if that's just a matter of animation frames, then I think its pretty safe to ignore that. Inconsistencies in hand-drawn animation is just a fact of the medium. If you're referring to particular ships, let me know - for example, the Alliance's Abai Geser (Commander Stocks ship, Episode 21, seen very briefly) may look superficially like a standard FPA Battleship, but it actually isn't (in addition to the extra antennae, its dimensions are different according to the fleet files). Same goes for Alarcon's battleship Marduk (Episode 35) - it has noticeably different surface details that set it apart. Vympel 09:49, 11 May 2011 (UTC)
I don't have any specific frames to hand ya' (will remember to write stuff down next time) but the exact features I was noticing were the number of forward cannons placed on FPA battleships. I don't think they were specific warships (just random ships in the fleet) but the number of forward cannons would differ. They'd always be broken into 2 clusters (stacked vertically). Sometimes the cannons would be 4x4, sometimes 5x5, 6x6, etc. I believe I even counted an 8x8. I have also noticed minor differences (again, on the FPA side) with antennae placement and a few other things.
It happens too often for me to easily dismiss as animation discrepancies (though I am terribly impressed by the animation quality present throughout the OVA series) but infrequently enough and the differences minor enough that I'm still hesitant. It's possible that the number of forward cannons animated in a single frame is somewhat dependent on the distance of the ship--far away, they'll draw in only a few, close up, more, so that it's still possible for the viewers to see the black dots and go, "oh, those are cannon barrels." Canary 17:22, 11 May 2011 (UTC)
I've never noticed (and I check the epsidodes a lot!). Certainly, the Fleet Files don't acknowledge such a thing. Keep an eye out for it when watching and let me know when you see it. The animation quality is for the most part excellent, but sometimes it takes a dive off the roof into jagged rocks - hence the DVD remaster, which replaced a considerable amount of animation with the style used in Season 2 of the Gaiden. An unfortunate thing that wasn't fixed is a particularly awful shot of the Garga Falmul from Episode 46:- One obvious error in terms of cannons shows up sometimes with the Beowulf - they give it nine cannons instead of six sometimes. Vympel 00:39, 12 May 2011 (UTC)
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