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Opening video

In case people were not already aware, shows the complete opening for LOGH VI game which depicts part of the Battle of Astarte. Yes there is a continuity error with the pennant numbers. Also there is the LOGH VS game opening: It is a pity they could not do like a virtual model kit using these models so people could stage and arrange their own battles. There was one such kit but it used lower poly models as it was released earlier. Iracundus 13:52, 9 February 2012 (UTC)

That kicked ass. Vympel 14:00, 9 February 2012 (UTC) for the HD version. Iracundus 15:30, 10 February 2012 (UTC)

What-If Scenarios

I admit that it would have been very interesting to play those 'What-Ifs'. I do wonder how the Invasion of the Empire would have gone had the High Nobles - thus, Muckenburger, with Merkatz likely being the most competent admiral there by far - handled it instead of Lohengramm. Merkatz against Bewcock or Ulanf would have been a fair match-up. And pretty much any fleet going against Yang's would have been crushed. I also wonder if they'd have been smart enough to try the 'Scorched Earth' tactic to weaken the FPA forces beforehand.

Julian helping Reuentahl would have been long-term suicide, though.

Were there any other What-If scenarios? FPA Forever

I don't have the game on me at the moment, but from what I remember....Astarte had some variations such as if Reinhard had Mittermeyer and Reuenthal and Mecklinger instead of the nobles and Merkatz that he got. Amritsar as mentioned had Reinhard employing scorched earth successfully against the Alliance but then being swept from power by the high nobles revolting against Reinhard. The rationale was that the scorched earth tactic became too politically damaging for Reinhard and the apparent yielding of Imperial territory to the Alliance triggered the nobles into uniting and sweeping him from power. Another Amritsar variant had more Alliance forces surviving intact from the earlier scorched earth, and Kircheis being unable to attack from the rear due to lack of engineering ships with directional Seffle particle generators (and thus out of the battle entirely). There were slight variations on Vermilion such as if it had been larger with more ships on both sides. The PLUS version of the game had a few more variations like a Reinhard admiralty fleet exercise pitting them against each other, the fleet battle outside Geiersburg between the nobles and Reinhard (possible to win the war for the nobles which I did do but it was hard given how incompetent their stats were, but possible because the AI was stupid).
The 2nd Battle of Rantemario had the above mentioned variant of Julian either refusing to allow passage through the Iserlohn Corridor to Mecklinger (or wiping out his fleet midway with the Thor Hammer), then intervening on Reuenthal's side as a small flanking force during the main battle. The other variant I remember was if Mittermeyer had adamantly refused to fight his friend and declared neutrality, forcing Reinhard to directly face Reuenthal.
The game was purely about the fleet battle, with just a little blurb about what next if one side won. If the Alliance won at Astarte, I think there was some chest thumping and reference back to the Battle of Dagon. If the Alliance won Amritsar, there was some talk of advancing on Odin. If Reuenthal won at 2nd Rantemario, he would either say the next battle was with Reinhard, or if the variant with Reinhard as his opponent, would go on to declare himself Kaiser.
The reason it was possible to pull off some of these results was because the AI was stupid and would often neglect to protect or even react to threats against its overall supreme flagship. Destroying it triggered a win, ending battles that might otherwise turn into a bit of a grinding attritional battle. It was virtually the only way to win the historical Amritsar scenario for the Alliance. Iracundus 10:09, 19 February 2012 (UTC)
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