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Nomenclature for moons/satellites?

How do you guys feel about the way we're referring to moons/satellites? Currently we are using Moon for the Earth's moon (obv), and then we are using a mixture of moon and satellite for natural satellites in general. We do not currently have an article about moons in general, but we have a category called Satellites, so i guess if we did have one it'd be Satellite as well.

This is somewhat similar to the usage on Wikipedia: They use Moon for the Earth's moon and Natural satellite for moons in general. So that is sort of a point in favour of what we're doing now, although i think if we did keep going down this path we would want to change it to Natural satellite like theirs, since obv there are artificial ones out there, and we would probably want to limit the general usage of the term moon in articles.

However, i personally don't really like the way it's done here or on Wikipedia, for the following reasons:

(1) It contradicts the stated goal of Wikipedia — which i agree with and have strived to adopt here — to use the most common and natural name. The term natural satellite is not at all common in household usage, and even amongst astronomers it is not used universally.

(2) It's inconsistent with other articles. For example, every single article about moons of planets on Wikipedia is named like Moons of Jupiter, Moons of Neptune, and so on — not Satellites of Neptune.

(3) In terms of Gineipaedia, we have a freedom that Wikipedia does not — the Earth's moon has almost zero relevance to the world of LOGH, and therefore can't be construed as the 'primary' subject for that term.

So i guess what i'm leaning towards is using moon as the general term, and renaming this article in its current form to Moon (moon) — which admittedly is redundant, but we can't be blamed for the accident of our ambiguous moon name :)

That said, i'm not 100% set on it, and for now i will continue to use the method we've established. What do you guys think?  ♥ kine @ 15:56, 16 December 2011 (UTC)

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