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Japanese cast table

Here's a cast table for MCISS in a similar style to my ONW one. It's formatted a little bit differently because the source material is that way.  ♥ kine @ 19:55, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

chara seiyuu chara seiyuu
ラインハルト 堀川 亮 ヤン 富山 敬
キルヒアイス 広中雅志 アッテンボロー 井上和彦
ミッターマイヤー 森 功至 パエッタ 徳丸 完
ロイエンタール 若本規夫 ロボス 大木民夫
ミュッケンベルガー 柴田秀勝 グリーンヒル 政宗一成
フレーゲル 二又一成 ニルソン 大林隆介
メックリンガー 戸谷公次 ポプラン 古川登志夫
シュタインメッツ 石丸博也 コーネフ 鈴置洋孝
オーベルシュタイン 塩沢兼人 トリューニヒト 石塚運昇
ルイ 菊池正美 トニオ 小林通孝
ウイン 堀内賢雄 クルト 屋良有作
ゲッツ 平野正人 アナウンサー 江森浩子
ビジョン 中野聖子 索敵員 田中和実
ナレーション 屋良有作

Order of categories in film/episode articles

I believe there's room for improvement when it comes to the general order of the article. Currently, the content (not of this page in particular but all episode pages) seems somewhat unorganized. As of now, there's the synopsis... and then everything else is appendix.

I was planning to expand/rewrite the majority of episode synopses over the next weeks. I haven't read them all, but those that I've seen are really short in most cases and omit much detail. At the same time (or once I'm done with that to some extent) I feel there's a whole bunch of things like comparisons with the novels and manga that could be added, but I really have no idea where to put it. In fact earlier today I was about to add some extended information to this article on home video releases and the differences/changes that were made from one to the next (e.g. the cropping/change of aspect ratio in this case), but I don't think that category should go under Appendices or end up as a short mention under Apocrypha.

Instead of...

   1 Synopsis
   2 Appendices
       2.1 Memorable quotes
       2.2 Music
       2.3 Cast
       2.4 Production staff
       2.5 Apocrypha

...I'd suggest something more along the lines of...

   1 Synopsis
   2 Memorable quotes
   3 Credits
       3.1 Cast
       3.2 Production staff
   4 Music
   5 Appearances (maybe? Of ships, organizations, locations, etc)
   6 Home media version differences
   7 Appendix ("Further notes"?)
       7.1 In the novels (possibly)
       7.2 In the manga (")
       7.3 Gallery
   8 External links

That's just an example of course. I'm aware the order too is almost entirely opposite, but I think there's a system to it. Cast-crew-music is usually the order in just about any movie's credits. I give "Music" it's own proper heading here since a) it's not something mentioned in the on-screen credits that we simply copied and b) in every other article there might even be some more to say about the music beyond a mere list-up of the pieces.

What is the reasoning behind the word choice of "apocrypha"? I didn't think about it initially, but the things I've seen written in that category hardly classify as "statements of dubious authenticity" (Merriam Webster). I think here "Appendix" would do better. Or "Further notes" maybe?

Not trying to change things for the sake of changing them, but I feel like the current article structure is somewhat obstructive when it comes to adding original content. Should the appendix be something that makes up the majority of the article? Any thoughts? Gingaeiyu 17:44, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

I'll add my two cents of thoughts on this issue. According to Policy:Sections, "the Appendices section is a container for all other sections which are not considered part of the 'main' body of the article. For character articles, the main body is their biography; for episode articles, the main body is the synopsis. Almost all other sections go below the Appendices container." As for "apocrypha", I think it was chosen because it was intended as a section for secondary canon information (the original novels actually fall under this category), especially when those sources contradicted anything from the OVA series, hence the "statements of dubious authenticity" (at least from the POV of the OVA). Glacierfairy 01:19, 24 May 2016 (UTC)
Is that a good idea though, in practice? Basically you only have two halves to your article then, with the sheer amount of information in one largely outweighing the "main body".
I guess you've modeled a bit after Memory Alpha (?). It's been a while since I visited the site so I'd forgotten about the "apocrypha" bit. Guess the term's used kinda freely. If it was me I'd only put personal observations there and other things that can't be verified. I feel the novels are a bit too important to be relegated to the footnotes.
All together it should be a sizable amount of content. Japanese is my main language, so it's really just a question of finding the time to add info from various sources and put it in the right format. Should it all get dumped in the appendix? It's not much of a structure and with additional sub-sections the appendix is gonna turn into the main body of the article.
     1 Synopsis
     2 Appendices
       2.1 Memorable quotes
       2.2 Music
       2.3 Cast
       2.4 Production staff
       2.5 Appearances
       2.6 Version differences
       2.7 In the books
       2.8 In the manga
       2.9 Apocrypha
       2.10 Gallery
If you ask me that makes it look as if we didn't bother to think about how to arrange it.
Obviously I wouldn't suggest the same when it comes to in-universe articles on characters or events, since everything that's "meta" should surely go into the appendix. The episode articles on the other hand are clearly of a meta nature to begin with, so I don't think the same rule should be applied. The participating seiyu, the soundtrack and animators are just as relevant as the plot. Currently, the articles don't include much besides plot and credits (if at all), but is there even a demand for it? Is it worth the effort when it's all just "everything else"? Gingaeiyu 14:18, 24 May 2016 (UTC)
You make a good point actually, just that up till now the episode articles are rather sparse so the problem you mentioned is not that obvious. I'm open to any reasonable changes, but I'd also wait for the opinions of other staff members regarding this issue. Glacierfairy 16:26, 24 May 2016 (UTC)
I'll put it in the current format for now and then we can move it around later if we want. I'll have to see myself to how much the additional content is gonna amount. Gingaeiyu 16:46, 24 May 2016 (UTC)
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