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Preferred romanisation?

Are we happy with 'Rosen Ritter' (with a space)? The LaserDiscs say 'Rosen-Ritter' (with a hyphen). I think both are incorrect in German — the typical spelling would be Rosenritter probably? — but the latter (hyphenated) seems closer to what i would expect it to be. What do you reckon?  ♥ kine @ 13:48, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

This may be a dead and gone issue but the proper German, at least what I have been taught as far as Deutsch in my upbringing, would be "Rosen Ritter" as you are referring to the group, or in this case division/regiment, as a whole. "Rosenritter" would be in reference to a single member of the regiment, although that it is the incorrect way to say even that. It's a bit tricky because "ritter" means both "knight" and "knights" and the word being plural is reliant on the rest of the sentence or its context. A rough rule to go on for this is the basic translation. "Rosen Ritter" can easily be taken by Germans to mean "Knights of the Roses" although they will more likely hear it as "Roses Knights" as "Ritter der Rosen" would be the actual "Knights of the Roses" or, more technically as you drop the "of" or "von" out of anything but personal titles, "Knights of Roses" translation. The real tricky bit is the plural of "rose", which is the same in both languages, is actually "rosen" and would mean that the title is directly translated as "Roses Knights" which is no where near as nice sounding as the alliteration wielding Rosen Ritter. "Knights of the Rose" would be "Ritter der Rose" so it looks more like a disconnect in translations on the part of the original subtitles as "Rosen Ritter" in that order is oddly worded in any Germanic language. At this point I don't even know if the Rosen Ritter were an infantry division or regiment, as regiment is the preferred in subtitles while their unit patch clearly states it as the Rosen Ritter Infantry Division. The one thing I can say though, with little doubt, is that "rosenritter" is incorrect no matter how you slice it. That loss of the space with the word "rosen" being plural take away any specifics of both words and leaves it as a grammatical impossibility. I'm not sure on the Rosen Ritter vs Ritter der Rose, but I can say that rosenritter without the space is a mistake of some kind. Sorry to take so long in finding this talk page but better late than never I guess. Hope this helps if there was any help still needed. Strayor 07:38, 21 December 2013 (UTC)
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