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Not sure if this will be needed, since i haven't decided how 'mentions' will appear in the wiki (if at all), but i have a list of episodes this fortress is mentioned in:

I'll have to rewatch but i don't believe the fortress ever actually appears (aside from in the schematic) — it is just mentioned as being built. kine

Assertion that it was built

Heinesse made an edit asserting this fortress was built. Exact citation needed as I find this difficult to believe given the construction time of Iserlohn and the strained state of the Imperial finances and military at that stage likely precluding any rushed construction. Iracundus 11:47, 24 March 2019 (UTC)

I don't have time right now to actually listen to the dialogue, but here are all the references i can find in the CA subs (any spelling inconsistencies are theirs):
'Burgeoning' @ 00:16:22
NARRATOR: After this, the construction of new fortresses at both ends of the corridor...
NARRATOR: defend the New Imperial Capital, Phezzan, was officially decided.
NARRATOR: The fortress's name on the Neue Land side, would be called Schatten Burg...
NARRATOR: ...and the other, on the former Empire's side, would be called Drei Grosadmirals Burg.
NARRATOR: "Schatten Burg" means "Shadow Castle..."
NARRATOR: ...and "Drei Grosadmirals Burg" means "The Castle of the Three Fleet Admirals."
'Burgeoning' @ 00:20:06
MITTERMEYER: I will make the request myself.
MITTERMEYER: But with such a small number, I think His Majesty will allow it.
MITTERMEYER: On top of that...
MITTERMEYER: ...I'll station the Space Fleet around the spacezone where Schatten Burg will be...
MITTERMEYER: ...and wait there as a precaution.
'Endless Requiem' @ 00:17:43
NARRATOR: Kaiser Reinhard, foreseeing that the civil war would end shortly...
NARRATOR: ...was on his way to Phezzan from Schattenburg...
NARRATOR: ...when he heard about Reuental's death.
'Invitation to Rebellion' @ 00:22:40
NARRATOR: On the other hand, Kaiser Reinhard, having received Wahlen's report...
NARRATOR: ...started to gather a large fleet around the Schattenburg area.
'Cosmic Mosaic' @ 00:05:48
NARRATOR: Mittermeyer heard about the personnel appointments [upon] his return...
NARRATOR: ...from the area where Schattenburg Fortress was expected to be built.
I can see how the reference in 098 might be taken to imply that the fortress was completed, but 103 seems to clarify that they were just referring to the general area, not the fortress itself. Again, though, i haven't actually listened to the dialogue  ♥ kine @ 02:08, 25 March 2019 (UTC)
Thank you. Having checked the subs and the audio, I agree with you in that the reference applies to the area not an actually completed fortress. Iracundus 12:55, 25 March 2019 (UTC)
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