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Note about Kircheis's rank

There had been some confusion about Kircheis's ultimate rank, because the CentralAnime subs (and the Frustrated subs, which i suspect are strongly based on CA's) had the narrator saying at the end of episode 26 that he had been promoted to 'Imperial admiral'. That would seem to have implied that there was a rank between high admiral (which Kircheis was when he died) and fleet admiral.

In actuality, this is a translation error.

What the narrator is saying, if you listen to him speaking, is teikoku gensuiteikoku (帝国) meaning empire or imperial, and gensui (元帥) being the Japanese equivalent to a fleet admiral. (Gensui is also the term used to describe Reinhard in the episodes preceding and following; CentralAnime occasionally mistranslate this as 'field marshal'.) So, the correct translation would be 'Imperial fleet admiral', or, simply, 'fleet admiral'. kine

Origin of the name Kircheis

For all who are interested and can read Chinese, this thread from a Chinese forum provides translated excerpts of an interview with Tanaka Yoshiki, the author of LoGH, which includes his inspiration for the name Kircheis. The ship in question, the SMS Seeadler, looks like this: Glacierfairy 06:33, 6 June 2014 (UTC)

Dates and inscription of gravestone

While the anime depicts the headstone with "Mein freund", the English translation of the novels gives:

Here Lies My Friend
Siegfried Kircheis
Born IC 14 January 467
Died IC 9 September 488

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