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Navy ratings, &c.

Just wanted to leave a note here that we need to flesh out our ranks/ratings. Not only am i still unsure how we should do army / marine / air force ranks (separate pages? combine them into the ones we've got? how should the templates work?), i also have absolutely no idea what to call any of the ratings below warrant officer (usually denoted in the Alliance by an L-shaped insignia). It seems most navies have more than one warrant officer class, and then below that they have various petty officers and so on, but i'm not sure how many there're supposed to be.

The Royal Navy is what i've taken inspiration from in most of the ranks so far, but the description of those on Wikipedia is confusing. For example, currently there are two warrant officer classes, but that is a very recent development. I don't know how to decide whether we should use the new ones or the old ones, or what the old ones should be called, &c., it's a bit above my head

I also don't even know what specific insignia the ratings correspond to, since characters of such low rank appear so infrequently. has a list of them somewhere, but i've already determined that some of those are wrongly named, so i'm not certain how much stock we should put into them. Perhaps it's something that the Gaiden episodes cover more

Someone halp :(

PS: I've put a note on these three guys' pages saying that their names don't appear in the subtitles or dialogue, because i've not been able to find them anywhere but the credits, but if i'm wrong please correct me  ♥ kine @ 04:54, 25 June 2011 (UTC)

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