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Date of battle

Note to whoever: According to the diagram of the Iserlohn Corridor shown in 'The Battle of Astarte', this battle took place during February 795 UC (486 IC / 3595 CE). (The Battle of Legnica followed on 22 August, then the Fourth Battle of Tiamat occurred in September.)  ♥ kine @ 19:29, 30 April 2011 (UTC)

Was this an attack on Iserlohn?

As I recall, this battle comes from the last two episodes of the second gaiden. It chronicles an attack launched by the Imperials on the Kaiser's birthday, not an FPA attack on Iserlohn.

Battles which actually involve the fortress directly should probably be referred to as the "Nth Battle of Iserlohn," because in each case the fortress played a huge tactical role. Thus, Yang's capture of Iserlohn in Episode 7 would be the "Seventh Battle of Iserlohn."

Whereas Iserlohn played no role at all in the conduct of the Third and Fourth Battles of Tiamat, both of which were fought in open space between Imperial and FPA battlefleets.

When I'm less busy maybe I'll type up a long account of this battle; I watched those particular episodes a number of times for other reasons and have a fairly clear memory of them.

You're right mate, wasn't an Alliance attack AFAIK. Vympel 23:55, 8 May 2011 (UTC)
Put up a skeleton of the battle, I'll fill it in later -SJ
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