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FYI, the name Wyn is more or less my own translation. The CA subtitles say Whin, but that isn't a name that i've ever heard of or can find information on. Wyn, on the other hand, is a semi-common Welsh name, and since there have been instances of Celtic flair in Imperial culture, that seems more likely.

Also, i've changed the name to Vandenberg (instead of CA's Vanderberg). I base that on two things — (1) my own hearing of what Kircheis says in the dialogue, and (2) the use of ファンデンベルグ (not ファンデルベルグ) on Japanese fan sites.

Unfortunately i could not get anything more concrete than that. He isn't mentioned in the Encyclopaedia, as far as i can tell, nor in Reinhard and Yang (although Louis Helm is, only by given name as in the credits).

Let me know if you guys think i've erred here  ♥ kine @ 13:03, 15 December 2011 (UTC)

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