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How to set these up?

Right now i've just dumped every single Alliance and Imperial soldier into these soldiers navboxes, but that's not the way i think it should work. Ideally i would like to find a way to determine whether someone qualifies as notable or not, in order to prevent dozens of one-off characters from appearing in these boxes.

One possibility is to establish a minimum number of appearances required to be considered notable. We could set it at three or five or ten or whatever. However, even that can be tricky. For example, the character Desch (ty for his name) appears in 15 episodes, but he only has one line of speech in the entire series. Does that make him more or less notable than, say, Ralph Carlsen?

So we could also establish maybe a minimum number of speaking appearances. But then Eisenach is out for sure, and depending on our cut-off maybe Mecklinger and a few others are out too.

Then there's also the fact that Gaiden appearances are inherently sort of weighted differently from OVA appearances, by virtue of the fact that there are simply fewer Gaiden episodes. A Gaiden-only character who appears five to ten times is quite a lot in that context, but in the context of the OVA maybe not so much. So should it be absolute and we just accept the fact that almost all Gaiden characters will be excluded? Or should we weight it?

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