Yang Tai-long

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Yang Tai-long (783 UC (474 IC / 3583 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Status: Deceased (accident)
Died: 783 UC (474 IC / 3583 CE)
Children: Yang Wen-li
Played by: Sōya Shigenori

Yang Tai-Long (Japanese: ヤン・タイロン) was the father of Yang Wen-li and a citizen of the Free Planets Alliance. He died in 783 UC (474 IC / 3583 CE).



Yang Tai-Long worked as an interstellar trader, frequently traveling between Heinessen and Fezzan, alongside his young son, Wen-li. A committed capitalist, Tai-Long believed that it was the duty of the people to accumulate wealth, because money was power and only with money could they keep the politicians in check.

In 783 UC (474 IC / 3583 CE), Yang Tai-long's son, Yang Wen-li, begged his father to let him attend Heinessen Memorial University on Heinessen to study history. Tai-long disapproved of his son's interest in history, and wished Wen-li were more interested in the things Tai-Long, himself, was interested in: namely art and money.

"If you have money you don't have to work for people you hate, and you don't have to bend your principles for the sake of earning a living.... Making money enriches your wallet, and art enriches your heart."
-Yang Tai-Long

Ultimately, Yang Tai-Long gave Wen-li his permission to study history. In the middle of the conversation, however, Yang Tai-long's Ship developed a problem with its fusion reactor. Tai-Long left Wen-li on the ship's bridge, going into the reactor room himself to try and shut down the reactor. In the end, Tai-Long shut down the reactor's shield — with himself locked inside — in order to save the lives of his crew. Tai-Long died of severe radiation burns. (SL: 'The Hero of El Facil')


Yang Wen-li sought to sell off his father's property in order to pay for his schooling after Tai-Long's death, but quickly found out that not only was Yang Tai-long's Ship heavily mortgaged, but that Tai-Long's vast collection of art was little more than a collection of cheap forgeries. An appraiser hired to examine the collection declared that it wasn't worth even 1 Dinar, before handing Yang Wen-li a bill for his services. (SL: 'The Hero of El Facil')



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