2527 Military Expenditure Hearings

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Convened before the United Earth Government's Humanity Congress in 2527 CE, the 2527 Military Expenditure Hearings called for a drastic reduction in the amount of the state budget assigned to the Space Force.




By the early 26th century, the UEG's military arm, the Space Force, was a powerful political entity, exercising incredible power over policy-making and enjoying a great deal of public support. A growing number of citizens and politicians grew fearful of this power, worrying that one day the Space Force might usurp power from the people.

As one congressman declared during the hearings, the Space Force was becoming nothing more than an "armed nobility."(LOGH: 'To Earth')

The Dixieland

The hearings at one point examined the personal finances and activities of Arnold F. Bach, a captain in command of the Dixieland, flagship of the United Earth Government's 4th Patrol Division. The opulence enjoyed by Bach became symbolic of the semi-aristocratic culture that had developed in the space force:


The hearings failed to make any reductions to the Space Force's budget. The evidence and motions brought up by the diplomats who were in favor of budget cuts were shot down by pro military diplomats and lobbyists who by now were well entrenched in the political system. (LOGH: 'To Earth')


Ironically, the only effect the hearings had on the military's growing power was to accelerate it. Not only had those willing to fight against the military build up identified themselves publicly as the Space Force's enemies, but their resistance was so swiftly crushed that it would discourage any further form of legal resistance. This served to allow the military to remain unchecked, eventualy leading to the circumstances that caused Earth to fall. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

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