A Departure (episode)

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'A Departure'
LOGH: series 2, episode 13
released 1991/??/??
August 798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE)
39th of 110 released in LOGH
40th of 213 released in all

A Departure (Japanese: ひとつの旅立ち) is the 39th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



Julian Mintz is assigned to Fezzan as a military attaché by the Joint Operations Headquarters, and Willibald Joachim von Merkatz is formally appointed as Minister of War of the Imperial government-in-exile through a High Council decision. Yang Wen-li and his staff decide to assign Louis Machungo to accompany Julian. Yang shares with Julian his thoughts about the possibility of Fezzan allying with the Galactic Empire due to the shifting power balance. Julian mentions the possibility of Fezzan allying with the Empire not because of realist considerations, but of ideological or religious reasons instead. Julian agrees to be of use to Yang and go to Fezzan to witness on any developments. The Iserlohn staff say their goodbyes to Julian.


Memorable quotes

"‘Civilian control’ sounds like a good idea in theory, but when the government thinks so much about using the military to maintain power the soldiers intentionally fawn over politicians to gain advancement. Is this the way a military in a democratic republic should do things?"

João Rebelo, to Huang Rui

"Embodiments of evil do not exist other than in third-rate television dramas."

Yang Wen-li, to Julian Mintz

"But people are not strong enough to endure the recognition that they are evil. Therefore, believing in their own righteousness, they fight to force their views on other people."
"There is no such thing as absolute righteousness?"
"That is right."

Yang Wen-li and Julian Mintz

"Alcohol is humanity's friend. Can I abandon a friend?"

Yang Wen-li, to Julian Mintz

"Information that comes flying in from nowhere invariably has a direction behind it. That is, it has a spin added to it that will work to the advantage of its sender who is trying to guide it, and put their own interpretation onto it. If you try eliminating that, you will see a field of vision that is more related to the truth."

Baghdash, to Julian Mintz



Production staff

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