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Rear Admiral Murai (799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Vice admiral
Played by: Aono Takeshi (Deceased)

Murai (Japanese: ムライ) was a Free Planets Alliance officer who served in the 13th Fleet under the command of admiral Yang Wen-li. He was with the fleet from the very begining, participating in the capture of Iserlohn Fortress in the Seventh Battle of Iserlohn. Prior to the battle, Murai expressed concern over the amount of trust Yang Wen-li had placed in the Rosen Ritter's regimental commander, Walter von Schönkopf.

Murai first met Yang Wen-li while a commander assigned to investigate the mutiny at Econia. Murai's impartiality and attention to details led him to conclude that Lt. Commander Yang was the more credible side in the incident.

After the death of Yang, Murai left Iserlohn and returned to Heinessen as a private citizen. By doing so he swayed lukewarm supporters of the nascent Republic the opportunity to leave, stripping the numbers down to a hard core. He also felt it was time for his generation to step aside and allow younger leaders to carry on.

Unexpectedly, Murai was selected by Oskar von Reuenthal as an civilian emissary to Julian Mintz to ask that that the Iserlohn Corridor be closed to Imperial traffic during von Reuenthal's rebellion.



Background information

Murai is a Japanese surname, written as 村井 in kanji.

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