A Hundred Billion Stars, One Ambition (episode)

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'A Hundred Billion Stars, One Ambition'
HBSHBL: series 1, episode 12
released 1998/??/??
Thor Hammer beam.jpg
December 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE)
12th of 12 released in HBSHBL
137th of 213 released in all

A Hundred Billion Stars, One Ambition (Japanese: 千億の星、ひとつの野心) is the twelfth episode of the A Hundred Billion Stars, a Hundred Billion Lights arc of the first series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn turns into a battle of attrition. Yang Wen-li feels that the Alliance forces should have retreated by this point. His concerns however are not shared by the Alliance commanders, who still adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Meanwhile, Reinhard von Müsel, frustrated at the deadlocked front lines, submits a plan about dealing a fatal blow to the Alliance forces to Gregor von Mückenberger. Mückenberger, while annoyed at Reinhard for jumping the chain of command, has to admit that the plan is good and orders Reinhard to carry out his own plan. By 10 December 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE), under Dwight Greenhill's meticulous organisation, the Alliance forces are in a position to withdraw with their main fleet largely intact. At this moment however, Reinhard's squadron suddenly appears in the front lines and begins harassing the Alliance forces. Infuriated at this sudden attack, the Alliance front line commanders begin leading their ships to chase Reinhard, and end up exposing their ships to the Thor Hammer. The Alliance forces thus suffer a major debacle and the Sixth Battle of Iserlohn ends with a decisive Imperial victory.




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