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This article is about the Imperial military officer. For the Imperial minister of finance, see Eugen Richter.

Rear Admiral Eugen (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Rank: Rear admiral
Occupation: Black Lancers vice chief of staff
Status: Alive (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))
Played by: Kitajima Junji

Eugen (Japanese: オイゲン) was an Imperial military officer who served as vice chief of staff to Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld.


Military career

Eugen's early life is unknown. Early in his career, he was assigned to be a staff officer of Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld and had remained under his command ever since. By 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE), Eugen reached the rank of Lieutenant and participated in the Sixth Battle of Iserlohn. (HBSHBL: 'A Hundred Billion Stars, One Ambition')

As a Captain, Eugen participated in the Battle of Lügen and the Battle of Amritsar in 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE) on board the Black Lancers' flagship Königs Tiger. (LOGH: 'The Battle of Amritsar Starzone', 'New Trends')

By 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE), Eugen attained the rank of Rear Admiral and in his capacity as vice chief of staff of the Black Lancers participated in the second Ragnarök operation. The following year, he also participated in the Battle of the Corridor between April and May and the Second Battle of Rantemario in November. (LOGH: 'Under the Golden Lion Flag', 'The Battle of the Corridor: The Invincible and the Undefeated', 'Live by the Sword...')

In April 801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE), after Bittenfeld was placed under house arrest by Paul von Oberstein for assaulting him during their mission to restore order in Heinessen, Eugen appealed to accompanying High Admirals August Samuel Wahlen and Neidhart Müller for their assistance in getting his superior released. He remained together with the Black Lancers in Heinessen after Bittenfeld was released and subsequently in June of the same year, during Adrian Rubinsky's last ditch terrorist attack on Heinessenpolis, he assisted Bittenfeld in evacuating Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm to a safe place. (LOGH: 'Towards Peace, Through Bloodshed', 'The Golden Lion Flag Loses Its Lustre')


Eugen was the most prudent officer amongst Bittenfeld's senior staff and he often urged his superior to avoid acting rashly in the battlefield. He was also known to be quick thinking, as shown in his broadcasting of Bittenfeld's declaration to shoot any deserters to the entire fleet during the height of the Second Battle of Rantemario, which restored order to the struggling Black Lancers. (LOGH: 'New Trends', 'The Battle of the Corridor: The Invincible and the Undefeated', 'Live by the Sword...')



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