Alliance Standard Battleship (DNT)

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Alliance standard battleship (796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE))
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Type: Battleship
Length: 958 metres(OACE)
Armament: 45 forward cannons

This design served as the standard battleship design of Alliance fleets in the Alliance–Imperial War.



This design served as the design template for all of the Alliance's 'FB10' series of battleships, such as the Patroklos.

The standard battleship's bridge was located on the dorsal side of the ship. When in battle, it was customary to retract the bridge under the protection of the armor on the dorsal hull.

The standard battleship mounted 45 beam cannons of various calibers on its bow together with additional cannons on the port and starboard side of the hull. In addition to its beam cannon armament, it was also equipped with multiple missile launchers located in a trench along the port and starboard side of its hull. (DNT: 'In the Eternal Night', 'The Verge of Death (Part Two)')

An arrangement of 9 launch bays on the port and starboard side of the rear hull were capable of launching two Spartanian fighters each, allowing for a complement of 36 Spartanian fighters. (DNT: 'The Verge of Death (Part Two)')

Role and Capabilities

The standard battleship design fought in all known fleet battles from at least 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE). Forming the mainstay vessels of Alliance fleets, the standard battleship could serve as a flagship for fleet commanders.

The standard battleship, unlike its Imperial counterparts, was not capable of entering planetary atmospheres, and was based in large space piers when not on campaign. (DNT: 'The Unbeatable Magician')



Licensed sources

This design is identified as a Standard Battleship in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Official Artworks Complete Edition.

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