Alliance strike ship (788 UC era)

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Alliance strike ship Cheiron 3 (794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE))
Affiliation: Iserlohn Republic
El Facil Revolutionary Government
Free Planets Alliance
Type: Strike Ship
Length: 226 metres
Width: 76 metres
Height: 42 metres
Armament: 4 quad mounted beam cannon turrets
48 side mounted point defence guns
Crew: 200 + 6 platoons of troops

This Alliance strike ship (Japanese: 強襲揚陸艦) design served in Alliance fleets from the late stages of the Alliance–Imperial War to at least 801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE), under the successor states of the El Facil Revolutionary Government and Iserlohn Republic.



The basic shape of the strike ship was a rectangular box, with a single main engine in the rear and a heavily reinforced armoured prow.

The engine panelling around the single main engine was in a horizontal layout, as contrasted with the vertical arrangement of Alliance battleships.

The ship lacked the long range neutron beam cannons of other warships, instead carrying 4 turrets of quad mounted small calibre beam cannons. One was centred in the upper prow, and another centred on the lower prow. An additional turret was situated angled towards each corner of the prow. On the sides of the ship, there was an additional series of point defence guns.

The bridge design was similar to that of Alliance standard cruisers and standard battleships, consisting of an elevated command balcony level, for the captain and other senior officers, attached to a central column with stairwells and elevators, while bridge crew occupied the lower level. It differed in having additional large reinforcement struts within the bridge space itself to better enable the ship to withstand the impact of ramming. (HBSHBL: 'The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn')

To attach itself to enemy ships, grappling hooks would fire, two from each corner of the prow, and secure the strike ship to the enemy hull. Four additional magnetic panels on each side of the prow aided in keeping a close secure attachment to the hull. Underneath the upper prow turret was an extendable boarding tube, concealed behind an armoured door. Once the strike ship was securely attached this boarding tube would bore into the enemy hull allowing the troops within the strike ship to board and assault the crew of the target. (HBSHBL: 'The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn', LOGH: 'The Beautiful Maiden Wants Blood')

Role and Capabilities

The Alliance strike ship was designed to ram and assault enemy ships through boarding actions. Its armoured prow allowed it to survive ramming enemy ships.

Like all Alliance warships, it was not capable of directly landing on planets.



Licensed sources

Once it had impacted a target, the strike ship maintained a secure close attachment to its target through the use of a series of powerful electromagnets on its prow. (DVD Box Set Extra Features)


DVD features

Sketches of the Alliance strike ship appears in the extra features of the DVD box set.

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