Battle of Schann-tau

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Battle of Schann-tau
(Imperial Civil War)
Date: 797 UC
Location: Schann-tau Starzone
Result: Minor Lippstadt League victory
Lippstadt LeagueGalactic Empire
Merkatz FleetReuenthal Fleet
Commanders / leaders
Willibald Joachim von MerkatzOskar von Reuenthal
Casualties / losses

The Battle of Schann-tau (Japanese: シャンタウ星域の会戦) was a battle of the Imperial Civil War which took place in the Schann-tau Starzone in 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE).


After initial setbacks for the Lippstadt League at the Battle of Altena and then the fall of Rentenberg Fortress to Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm's forces, High Admiral Willibald Joachim von Merkatz personally took command and engaged Admiral Oskar von Reuenthal. After the greater coordination and cohesion of the Lippstadt forces was noticed by Reuenthal and after suffering 3 waves of successive attacks, Reuenthal decided to withdraw from Schann-tau, reasoning that its strategic value did not justify the increased casualties that would result from a more determined defense against the more numerous Lippstadt fleet. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty')


This would be the sole Lippstadt military success, though Merkatz noted that it was more due to Lohengramm's forces declining to engage in a bigger battle than an actual military triumph. This minor success would, however, further feed the arrogance of the Lippstadt nobles and the contempt with which they viewed their enemy, who came largely from commoner backgrounds. This belittling and underestimation of the enemy would lead to later Lippstadt defeats.

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