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The Reuenthal Fleet (Japanese: ロイエンタール艦隊), later officially called the Neue Land Security Force, was a fleet of the Imperial Navy under the direct command of Fleet Admiral Oskar von Reuenthal. It was a versatile fleet that was capable of many roles making it ideal for assaulting Iserlohn Fortress during the Ninth Battle of Iserlohn. The fleet was later officially renamed "Neue Land Security Force" in its role as the main police force of the former Alliance territories, after Operation Ragnarok. By that point, it consisted of 35,000 ships and was the largest peace-time fleet in the New Galactic Empire. It met its demise with its commander when Fleet Admiral Reuenthal, now the Governor-General of Neue Land, revolted out of pride. The short lived Reuenthal Rebellion was put down and the fleet presumably disbanded.

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