Battle of Wansteidt

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Battle of Wansteidt
(First Alliance-Imperial War)
Krishna in the foreground
Date: 796 UC
Location: Wansteidt Starzone
Result: Imperial victory
Free Planets AllianceGalactic Empire
8th FleetMecklinger Fleet
Commanders / leaders
AppletonErnest Mecklinger
Casualties / losses
~30% of fleetLight

The Battle of Wansteidt Starzone (Japanese: ヴァンステイド星域会戦) was a battle of the Alliance–Imperial War which took place in the Wansteidt Starzone in 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE). The battle occurred within the scope of a larger campaign which included the Battle of Jafnhár, the Battle of Dverger, the Battle of Alviss Starzone, the Battle of Bilrost, and the Battle of Amritsar. (LOGH: 'The Battle of Amritsar Starzone')


The battle occurred as part of the Imperial counterattack against the invading Alliance fleets. With the Alliance supply line severed, the Alliance forces were short of supplies.

The 8th Fleet was in the Wansteidt starzone when engaged by the Mecklinger Fleet, and suffered nearly 30% losses from Imperial pursuit before finally being able to disengage. ('The Battle of Amritsar Starzone')

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