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The merchant ship Berezka (799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE))
Affiliation: Dominion of Fezzan
Owner: Boris Konev
Purpose: Merchant vessel
Status: Destroyed
Destroyed: Early 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE)

The Berezka (Japanese: ベリョースカ号) was a Fezzani merchant ship owned by Fezzani merchant Boris Konev, and was apparently managed by Marinesk during times of his absence. During the Imperial occupation of Fezzan on December 798, Julian Mintz and Louis Mashengo, along with the Alliance Commissioner in Fezzan, hired Marinesk to smuggle them out of occupied Fezzan. Marinesk led them to the Berezka captained by Kahle Willock, who was substituting Boris Konev temporarily as the latter was serving as the assistant for the Fezzani Commissioner in the Free Planets Alliance at that time, and Julian's party successfully departed Fezzan undetected. However, while they were en route to Heinessen, the Berezka was detected by an Imperial patrol. To avoid capture, Julian orchestrated a scheme which convinced the patrol that the Berezka was hijacked but had only just managed to restore order. As the destroyer executing the patrol docks with the Berezka to confirm the situation, Julian's party ambushed the destroyer's crew and successfully captured the destroyer. However, to maintain the hijack ruse, they are forced to destroy the Berezka with the destroyer and continued their journey on board it instead. (LOGH: 'Fezzan Occupied', 'Seeking a Free Universe')




Name variations

Background information

The names Berezka and Beryoska are both mistranslations of Beryozka (Берёзка), a chain of shops in Soviet Russia where goods could be purchased with hard currency.

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