Birth of the 13th Fleet (DNT episode)

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This article is about the Die Neue These episode. For the similarly titled OVA episode, see Birth of the 13th Fleet (episode).

'Birth of the 13th Fleet'
DNT: series 1, episode 5
released 2018/05/01
Sithole and Yang (DNT).jpg
796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE)
5th of 15 released in DNT
170th of 180 released in all

Birth of the 13th Fleet (Japanese: 第十三艦隊誕生) is the 5th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Encounter.



In the Free Planets Alliance capital planet Heinessen, Secretary of Defence Job Trunicht holds a memorial service for the soldiers who fell at the Battle of Astarte. During his speech, Yang Wen-li utters a number of sarcastic remarks and refuses to show solidarity with the rest of the participants, which displeases Trunicht greatly. However, Yang's actions are soon overshadowed by Jessica Edwards, who confronts Trunicht, criticising him for praising the war dead while staying away from the front lines himself. Before the situation can be escalated further, Yang quickly leads Jessica out of the service venue. However, while en route to the spaceport, they are assailed by an unknown vehicle, almost causing them to crash. After Yang safely escorts Jessica out of Heinessen, he returns to his residence only for it to be surrounded by a mob who have arrived in that very vehicle. The leader of the mob declares himself to be from the Patriotic Knight Corps (PKC), and denounces Yang for his actions during the memorial service. When Yang ignores the PKC, the leader hurls a grenade into his residence, causing some property damage. This forces Yang to retaliate, and he succeeds in driving away the PKC mob with high pressure sprinklers.

Later that night, Joint Operations Headquarters Chief Fleet Admiral Sidney Sithole summons Yang to his office and notifies him of his promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral, as well as his appointment as commander of the newly-formed 13th Fleet. And his first order as commander of the 13th Fleet is to capture the Galactic Empire's Iserlohn Fortress.



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