The Capture of Iserlohn (Part One) (DNT episode)

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'The Capture of Iserlohn (Part One)'
DNT: series 1, episode 6
released 2018/05/08
13th Fleet departing Heinessen (DNT).jpg
April-May 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE)
6th of 48 released in DNT
171st of 213 released in all

The Capture of Iserlohn (Part One) (Japanese: イゼルローン攻略[前編]) is the 6th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Encounter.



Yang Wen-li plans for his mission to capture Iserlohn Fortress. The high-level staff members of the 13th Fleet is introduced: Commodore Edwin Fischer is appointed as vice fleet commander, Commodore Murai as chief of staff, and Captain Fyodor Patrichev as vice chief of staff. Finally, Sub-lieutenant Frederica Greenhill is appointed as Yang's adjutant under the recommendation of Alex Cazerne. For his mission, Yang also intends to enlist the help of the renowned Rosen Ritter, an Alliance special infantry regiment composed exclusively of Imperial exiles and their children. Yang then sets out together with Frederica to meet the regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter Walter von Schönkopf personally in their training base, and convinces him about the feasibility of his plan, and the integral role of the Rosen Ritter in it.

With all the preparations in place, the 13th Fleet finally departs from Heinessen and reaches the Iserlohn Corridor after a long journey. After disrupting Iserlohn Fortress's communications, which induces the fortress garrison fleet to launch and search for the source of disruption, the 13th Fleet then stages a mock attack against an Imperial cruiser in full view of the fortress, and retreats before the fortress can retaliate. The captain of the cruiser then urgently seeks audience with the fortress commander...


Memorable quotes

"Permanent peace has never existed in all of mankind's history. So I'm not hoping for that. But a few decades of peace gave us an era of prosperity. If we must leave something behind for the next generation, I would like it to be peace. And maintaining the peace handed to them by the previous generation would then be their responsibility. If each generation can remember their responsibility to future generations, perhaps we can have long-term peace as a result. In short, my hope is for a few decades of peace, at most. But even that would be tens of thousands of times better than an era of war lasting a tenth that long."

Yang Wen-li, to Walter von Schönkopf, in response to his question on whether permanent peace is possible if Iserlohn Fortress is captured


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