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The Bloody Night Massacre occurred in 2689 when the United Earth Government's Space Force laid siege to the city of Laglane, Rondolina. Lasting only 10 hours, 900,000 civilians were killed in the massacre.



The Sirius Invasion

After decades of building resentment and hostility between the United Earth Government and its Colony Worlds, the Earth–Sirius War broke out in 2689 CE when the Earth's Space Force launched a surprise attack on the Anti-Earth Movement's headquarters on the planet Rondolina, in the Sirius Starzone. The attack was swift, with the United Colonial Army being destroyed before it could counterattack. Rondolina's capital city was swiftly occupied by UEG forces, who began to spread out to other cities on Rondolina in an effort to stamp out the "anti-Earth" rebels. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

Siege of Laglane

The first target of the UEG Occupation army was the city of Laglane, which served as the economic and industrial hub of the Rondolina colony. The second-in-command of the UEG occupation forces, General Crayambo, led a massive ground force to the outskirts of Laglane and waited, allowing his presence to terrify the citizens, weakening their will to resist. Crayambo's assault force consisted of 15 mechanized infantry divisions; 3 aerial assault divisions; and six urban infantry divisions. The city of Laglane had no military force to speak of.

The mayor of Laglane City, Joseph Massalich, approached Crayambo several times with the goal of ending the siege peacefully, but Crayambo stubbornness made it impossible for the peace talks to progress. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

Bloody Night

Once the sun fell, Crayambo's forces invaded the city. The citizens of Laglane hastily formed vigilante squads to repel the soldiers, but had little success. Crayambo had issued his men very general orders: they were given complete authority to take whatever measures they found necessary to root out and destroy the Anti-Earth Movement terrorists thought to be hiding in the city. The UEG soldiers looted and murdered as they saw fit, with the full support of their superior officers.

The diamond and jewel-polishing operations to the north of Laglane, as well as the warehouses there containing various precious metals, including gold and platinum, became the target of two different UEG divisions. Both the 2nd Air Corps and the 5th Urban Warfare Corps were intent on stealing the precious metals and jewels, so they butchered each other in their greed. More than 1,500 UEG soldiers were killed. Many were disemboweled so that any jewels or other treasures that the dead may have swallowed could be claimed by his or her murderers.

In the city elderly citizens had their jaws cut from their faces so soldiers could claim their gold teeth; women had their ears and fingers sliced off so the UEG soldiers could claim their jewelry.

When the sun rose over Laglane 10 hours later, more than 900,000 civilians had been killed, and more than 15,000,000 credits worth of property had been stolen. (LOGH: 'To Earth')


Three days after the massacre, the commander of the United Earth Government's occupation forces released a statement declaring that the massacre had been carried out by members of the Anti-Earth Movement against the innocent citizens of Laglane, and that the UEG occupation army had nothing to do with it. It was a scheme designed to turn the people against the UEG Space Force. Furthermore, the UEG declared that, at most, the massacre had only resulted in 20,000 deaths.

Following the Bloody Night, the UEG would continue to brutally suppress the citizens of Rondolina, resulting in an additional 350,000 deaths until the colony was eventually liberated by the Black Fleet some time prior to 2703 CE. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

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