Counter-Rebellion Act

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The Counter-Rebellion Act (Japanese: 反和平活動防止法) was one of the last pieces of legislation to be enacted by the Free Planets Alliance before their defeat in the Second Alliance–Imperial War. Signed into law some time after the Treaty of Ba‘alat, it outlawed acts of war against the New Galactic Empire. The purpose of the law was to prevent acts of violence or sedition against the occupying Imperial forces, and to thereby protect the Alliance's autonomy in accordance with the Treaty of Ba‘alat. (LOGH: 'Invitation to an Opera')


In late July 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE), Yang Wen-li was charged with violating the Counter-Rebellion Act and placed under arrest. He was taken to the Central Public Prosecutor's Office and detained without consul. Alliance Supreme Chairman João Rebelo intended to execute Yang for the violation of the Counter-Rebellion Act in spite of a lack of evidence in order to appease the Imperial Consulate. (LOGH: 'Invitation to an Opera')

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