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This page contains a list of mistranslations present in Legend of Galactic Heroes fan subs. It is not meant to be a criticism of any fan-sub group; rather, its purpose is as a resource for fans who may be confused by references contained in the subtitles, and perhaps even as a tool to improve future fan translations.

Although many proper names in the series appear to have been mistranslated in the original subtitles and on-screen maps and diagrams (for instance, Attemborough instead of Attenborough), these are considered for the purposes of Gineipaedia to be canon, and should not be included here. Additionally, this list should not contain references to minor errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar; nor should it contain any references to simple matters of style (for instance, Central Anime have made a conscious decision to use the LaserDisc name spellings over the DVD spellings).

Time stamps should refer to the DVD version when available; LaserDisc time stamps should be used only for errors specific to LaserDisc translations.


Legend of Galactic Heroes (OVA)


The references to Otho von Braunschweig, Reinhard von Lohengramm, and Klaus von Lichtenlade as Princes are incorrect. The correct title is Duke. Prince is accurately used in relation to Prince Alec.

The Battle of Astarte (002)

00:06:53 — 60 billion tons (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

The Castrop Rebellion (005)

00:01:36 — Oigen Kastrop (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

The Actress Exits (011)

00:08:43 — Imperial Admiral (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:12:41 — Imperial Admiral (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:16:52 — Imperial Admiral (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:17:00 — Imperial Admiral (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

Invasion of the Imperial Territory (012)

00:14:39 — Borainen (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

Farewell, Distant Memories (026)

00:20:59 — Imperial Admiral (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

The Two-Headed Snake: The Battle of Rantemario (048)

00:02:27 — Commander (Central Anime, DVD)

Battle After Battle (050)

00:03:52 — Ritarl (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:03:52 — Triplar (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:08:22 — Rainharl (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

00:19:21 — Rio Bell (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

The Battle of Vermilion (Part Two) (052)

00:03:00 — Rear Admiral (Central Anime, DVD)

The Prodigal Sons Come Home (070)

00:16:48 — 80,000 (Central Anime, LD/DVD)

The Crimson Star Road (107)

00:09:18 — light years (Central Anime, LD)

00:09:24 — 188 (Central Anime, LD)

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