Imperial Transport Ship (DNT)

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Imperial transport ship (797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Type: Transport Ship
Length: 3337 metres(OACE)
Armament: 312 cannons

This design served as the standard transport ship of Imperial fleets in the Alliance–Imperial War.



The Imperial transport ship was arranged as a trimaran multi-hulled design. The centre hull protruded forward from the port and starboard hulls, and had a large permeable transparency on either side. Each of the port and starboard hulls also incorporated a large, permeable transparency on their outward facing (i.e. port for the port hull, starboard for the starboard hull) respectively. The entire breadth of each transparency could be used for launching amphibious assault ships.

Armament included flank-facing armament arrays of 24 cannons on each flank of the dorsal and ventral side of each of the hulls (i.e. 12 arrays of 26 cannons each, for a total of at least 312 cannons). Unlike warships, there was no evident forward-facing armament.

Role and Capabilities

The Imperial transport ship was used for diverse roles, including supply of friendly fleets, transportation of prisoners, and launching of amphibious assault ships. (DNT: 'Before the Storm', 'Bloodshed in Space', 'Tragedy')



Licensed sources

This design is identified as a tranport ship (in German, as a 'Transportschiff') in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Official Artworks Complete Edition.

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