Imperial transport (788 UC era)

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Imperial transport (797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Type: Transport
Length: 968 metres(FFC1)
Width: 521 metres(FFC1)
Height: 537 metres(FFC1)
Crew: 36 (FFC1)

This Imperial transport design served as the standard transport design of Imperial fleets from the late stages of the Alliance–Imperial War.



The standard Imperial transport was essentially rectangular in shape with an almost uniformly flat prow (save for a protruding structure), and 4 engines in the rear.

Role and Capabilities

It served as the main Imperial military transport design. The Kircheis Fleet escorted a fleet of transport ships laden with Alliance prisoners of war to Iserlohn Fortress in 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE). Supply ships were also kept behind the battle line by Imperial flagship of High Admiral Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim at the Battle of Kyffhäuser later that year, to supply his forces in case of a prolonged battle. (LOGH: 'Before the Storm', 'Courage and Loyalty')




FFC drawing

Licensed sources

The ship consisted of a forward bridge section and aft engine section with a large central cargo compartment. A heat radiator ran horizontally along the length of the ship, and the side of the ship could be opened up to unload cargo.

Installed artificial gravity generators and inertial compensators allowed for a 5.4G acceleration without affecting any cargo contents. The total cargo volume was 160 million cubic metres. This dimensions of the cargo hold were sufficient to hold an Imperial cruiser intact without disassembly. The transport was also used at times to ferry hundreds of Walküre fighters.

The forward bridge section had 11 decks, from the bridge at the top to storage space at the bottom. These were connected by a single elevator that ran through the centre of each deck. This section was not crowded as all engine crew were permanently stationed at the rear of the ship near the engines.

There were 12 small calibre beam cannons installed in the prow, and some ships carried a Walküre fighter. The shuttle hangar could also carry a gunship. All of these weapons and measures were meant only for self-defence against pirates.

Its shielding systems were of a level to other fleet auxiliaries. Its armour used a honeycombed structure and made the ship capable of taking hits from a cruiser's main cannons.

The engines and warp engine were a modification of those used on battleships. While seemingly excessive, this was to ensure mobility to keep up with rapid fleet operations, such as the suppression of rebellion in remote systems.

As standard for Imperial ships, this design was equipped with anti-gravity generators to enable landing on planets. As a fleet auxiliary, the mounted generators were capable of handling planets with a gravity of up to 1.3G.

There was a port in the centre of the forward bridge section and the rear of the hull, in between the engines. A cable could link the rear of one ship to the front of another ship. This was used to ensure no confusion in formation when multiple transports were in the area. The standard distance between ships when using this feature was 300 km. As this is an extremely short distance in space, each ship coordinated the firing of its engines with the use of a large scale laser link which was visible as eight openings in the lower right of the bridge section.

Dozens of ships could form a large line in a single fleet, forming a "freight train" of 10,000 km from the first to the last ship.

The transport ships assigned to the Black Lancers were painted black and further modified to have more powerful engines in order to be able to keep pace with the fast battleships. The beam cannons on the transports were also modified to have longer range. All these modifications came at the price of a reduced cargo capacity. (Fleet File Collection Vol.1)

Fleet File Collection

The Imperial transport is included as a model (with both Goldenbaum and Goldenlöwe markings) and in standard grey and black Black Lancers livery in Fleet File Collection Vol.1.
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