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The Kircheis Fleet was an Imperial Navy formation under the command of High Admiral Siegfried Kircheis.


It was formed in 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE) after Kircheis's promotion to rear admiral following the major Imperial victory at the Battle of Astarte. The fleet's first military operation was the successful quelling of Maximilian von Kastrop's rebellion later that year, in which it did not take a single casualty. (LOGH: 'In the Eternal Night', 'Empire's Afterglow')

The Kircheis Fleet took part in fighting off Free Planets Alliance invasion forces towards the end of the year. It initially raided the Alliance supply fleet, leaving the enemy expeditionary force short on food and causing riots to break out in its occupation zone. When the Imperial counterattack began, it engaged and defeated the 7th Fleet at the Battle of Dverger before joining the final battle at Amritsar. There, the Kircheis Fleet used directional Seffle particles to destroy a minefield to attack the Alliance 5th, 8th and 13th Fleets from behind. The battle ended in a major Imperial victory, although Yang Wenli's 13th Fleet managed to withdraw mostly intact. (LOGH: 'Liberation of the Frontier Zone', 'The Battle of Amritsar Starzone')

In 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE), the Kircheis Fleet fought its last engagements during the Imperial Civil War. It first took part in a battle with the numerically superior Littenheim Fleet, of High Admiral Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim, which it managed to defeat by taking advantage of disorder in the enemy's formation and flanking them. The fleet continued to pacify the frontier worlds for most of the conflict, and met with Reinhard von Lohengramm at Geiersburg Fortress after the rout of the Lippstadt League forces there. However, with the assassination of Kircheis at Geiersburg at the hands of Commodore Ansbach, the Kircheis Fleet was disbanded and absorbed into other units. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty', 'The Day Before Destiny')

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