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The Galactic Empire's Inferior Genese Exclusion Act was one of the first laws passed in the Galactic Empire after its founding in 310 UC (1 IC / 3110 CE). Indicting billions of Imperial citizens to imprisonment, torture and death, the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act became symbolic of the tyranny of the the Goldenbaum Dynasty and the High Nobles who supported it.


Established by Kaiser Rudolf von Goldenbaum in 319 UC (10 IC / 3119 CE), The Inferior Genes Exclusion Act was a eugenics policy aimed at increasing the 'vitality' of Imperial Society by eliminating undesirable genetic traits from the gene pool. The IGE Act (or IGEA) was accompanied by several other ultraconservative political reforms, including the abolition of social welfare in Rudolf's fledgling Empire.

At its heart, the IGE Act was a policy of forced sterilization directed at people deemed to be abnormal or inferior. This included the poor and the handicapped. People considered to be mentally ill were summarily executed. Eventually, having a family member that was subject to IGEA became a shameful, embarrassing thing, and even those who would have survived under the law — primarily the handicapped — would often be smothered by their parents in infancy. Several parliamentarians of the Imperial Senate openly criticized the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act, and their defiance incited Rudolf — or gave him the excuse to — permanently dissolve the Imperial Senate.

Eventually, the IGEA, whose enforcement was handled by the Empire's Ministry of the Interior, became a law carried out by individual judgement — no trials or legal recourse for the accused, only swift, brutal enforcement of the IGEA. Citizens deemed to be political enemies or dissidents would be decried mentally ill, and executed. Proof was neither required nor requested. Often, people would be gunned down by the police in the street, simply for participation — or even proximity — to a protest or anti-government rally. Millions of people were exiles to barren planets in the deep frontier, and countless citizens disappeared in the night to labor camps and prisons. Many became 'living dead' after being subjected to harsh medical experiments and lobotomies, or chose to commit suicide in prison. (LOGH: 'Julian's Journey, Mankind's Journey')

In law for more than 400 years, the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act was eventually no longer regularly enforced by the Goldenbaum Dynasty sometime during the reign of Maximilian Josef II, though it remained technically in effect. (LOGH: 'Cool, Clear Artificial Eyes', Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden: 'Enemy, Friend, Enemy, Enemy, Enemy...')

"The law of the universe is the law of the jungle. It's survival of the fittest! Human society cannot be an exception. A society where the number of inferior people has increased beyond a certain level loses vitality and grows weak. I ardently wish for the prosperity of the human race! Accordingly, it is my holy duty as the superintendent of humanity to exclude those elements which weaken humanity."
-Kaiser Rudolpf von Goldenbaum, upon the creation of the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act.


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