Panzer IV

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Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Type: Main battle tank
Purpose: Ground combat
Armament: 1 120 mm rail cannon
1 general purpose electron beam cannon
Crew: 2 + 2 passengers

The Panzer IV (Japanese: パンツァーIV) tank design served as the mainstay of Imperial ground forces. The numerical designation suggests it is the fourth in a series of Imperial tank designs.



The tank had 7 road wheels per side with the front 3 protected by an additional armour plate.

The main armament consisted of a main turret mounted 120 mm rail cannon, and could be operated by a single crew member. Secondary armament consisted of a double barrel general purpose electron beam cannon mounted in a smaller ball turret in the front hull.

Radio wave, infrared, and infrasonic absorption systems reduced risk of detection by the enemy. The tank's sensor suite included an infrared night vision system and a directional sound analysis system. Supplementary systems included a body strength self diagnostic system, a navigational system, and a life support system capable of maintaining a heated pressurised environment.

All systems were powered by a hydrogen battery which was charged or replaced through base facilities.

Ingress and egress was accomplished via a rear hatch, a turret hatch, and a frontal hull hatch.

A total of four seats were located within the tank's main body and all were equipped with view screens. (SWV: 'Chapter II', 'Chapter III')


A missile armed variant existed, with two missile launchers replacing the rail cannon. The missiles were wire guided with a standard top-attack flight profile, and could be teleoperated by the crew. (HBSHBL: 'A Dangerous Man')




Name variations


LaserDisc art binder

Sketches of the exterior, interior, and scale are shown in the art binder included with the Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden Series 1 LaserDisc box.

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