Chapter II (SWV episode)

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'Chapter II'
SWV: series 1, episode 2
released 1998/??/??
Reinhard and Kircheis first battle.jpg
July 791 UC (482 IC / 3591 CE)
2nd of 4 released in SWV
115th of 213 released in all

Chapter II is the second episode of The Silver-White Valley arc of the first series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



As a plot to kill both of them, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis are dispatched by their superior to reconnoitre deep into the planet Kapche-Lanka for Free Planets Alliance activity all by themselves. Before their departure, Reinhard and Kircheis' tank is tampered with to ensure that they will not have enough fuel to make it back to base. It is nightfall before both of them realise that act and they are forced to halt and figure a way to get back to base alive. By chance, they encounter an Alliance tank advance unit and decides to ambush it for securing fuel.


Memorable quotes

"A friendship where one has to sacrifice himself for the other will not last long. I want you both to be indispensable to one another. Please stay in a mutually giving kind of friendship."

Annerose von Grünewald, to Siegfried Kircheis, on his friendship with her brother Reinhard



Production staff

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