Spartanian 170

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Poplin's Spartanian 170 (796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE))
Affiliation: Iserlohn Republic
El Facil Revolutionary Government (former)
Free Planets Alliance (former)
Pilot: Olivier Poplin
Type: Spartanian fighter
Serial: 170
Length: 40 metres
Width: 7 metres
Height: 13 metres
Armament: 2 dorsal laser cannons
4 forward cannons
Status: Active (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))

Spartanian 170 (Japanese: スパルタニアン170) was the Spartanian fighter used by Olivier Poplin throughout his career. It was distinguished by magenta livery with the symbols of an A and a heart over a white diamond or playing card (representing the ace of hearts).

It participated notably in many of the major battles of the late Alliance–Imperial War. (My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars; LOGH: 'The Battle of Astarte', 'The Battle of Amritsar Starzone', 'A Challenge to Arms')



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