First Battle (episode)

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'First Battle'
LOGH: series 2, episode 1
released 1991/06/??
Julian piloting.jpg
January 798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE)
27th of 110 released in LOGH
28th of 213 released in all

First Battle (Japanese: 初陣) is the 27th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



January 798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE): Reinhard von Lohengramm, in his capacity as the Imperial Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, implements many reforms for the welfare of the people. Meanwhile, during a training sortie in the Iserlohn Corridor under Dusty Attemborough's command, contact is made with Imperial forces and the resulting outbreak of hostilities turns out to be Julian Mintz's first battle as a fighter pilot. The outnumbered Attemborough Squadron is on the verge of being crushed, but Yang Wen-li, concurring with guest admiral Willibald Joachim von Merkatz's suggestion, goes out of Iserlohn Fortress with the entire garrison fleet and saves the day (16 January). In Fezzan, Adrian Rubinsky discusses with Rupert Kesserling the impact of both the Alliance Civil War and the Imperial Civil War on the respective parties and concludes that the previous balance of power cannot be maintained and it is now more beneficial for the Dominion of Fezzan to wholly support the Empire to bring down the Alliance.


Memorable quotes

"In every time, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same."

– Text in the opening sequence

"To obtain people's faith in the system, there must be two things: impartial judgement, and similarly impartial tax rates."

Reinhard von Lohengramm, to Karl Braque and Eugen Richter

"Julian, can you rely on someone who has never died and yet speaks importantly about death?"

Yang Wen-li, to Julian Mintz

"It had a hard time at Amritsar."
"The story is, it took a direct hit in the toilets."
"Everyone, I'd like to share in the Ulysses' luck in the war. Even if you're in bad shape, it's okay if you survive, right?"

Dusty Attemborough and Lao, on the battleship Ulysses



Production staff

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