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Appearance in 016?

I've added an appearance in 'New Trends' for this ship, and i would like verification on that. If you look at 00:21:12 on the DVDs, in the scene where it's showing three ships flying in the distance (inside Iserlohn), you can see what i'm thinking is the Airged Lamh. It's sort of small, but the shape is pretty unique. I think i'm right, but can someone confirm?  ♥ kine @ 06:29, 17 May 2011 (UTC)

Nice catch, it is indeed a dead ringer for it. Although its hard to be absolutely sure though given the distance, I'd say its almost certain, given the context of the scene (it looks to me that Edwin Fischer is leaving the ship when the narrator re-introduces him to us, note the brown hull behind him - whilst Attenborough has the green hull of Triglav behind him, and Nguyen has the blue hull of Maurya behind him). Vympel 07:02, 17 May 2011 (UTC)

FFC data

From FFC 6, it seems this ship was actually part of the 13th Fleet at a much earlier date from right after the Battle of Astarte, though it doesn't make its appearance in the anime til 'New Trends'. How should this influence (if at all) the main article? Technically the anime doesn't state the ship was not present earlier and Edwin Fischer was not conducting those fleet movements that preceded the capture of Iserlohn Fortress from the bridge of the Hyperion. It somewhat implies therefore he was on a different ship, his own flagship, though it was never shown or stated what that ship was. The anime just doesn't show the ship on camera til later. Similarly, its dismantling is only something inferred by its absence in the anime while the FFC 6 entry clearly says it was dismantled. Should the main article remain ambiguous or clearly state dismantling? Iracundus 12:47, 26 October 2011 (UTC)

Although the wording is somewhat awkward, what we have been doing so far for presumed-dismantled-under-Barlat ships is just putting at the end of their history (or whatever) sections that very statement: That it was presumably dismantled according to the terms of the Treaty of Barlat. You can see it on Triglav for example. That's the best we can do with the information the anime gives us.
I would say we ought to do similar with induction dates. Just put something like it was added to the fleet by x date or prior to x event or whatever. Then of course the licensed information gets addeed to Background information or Apocrypha
The alternative is that we fully merge information from various sources into the main body, which i'd argue (and have argued before) is problematic in several ways, not least of which is that it's confusing for readers (most of whom are only going to be familiar with the anime itself)  ♥ kine @ 16:15, 26 October 2011 (UTC)
It's one of the latest ship built and the 13th fleet being the latest fleet, naturally, got most of these. It's not a normal battleship so it's poised to be a command ship of some bigger unit. Edwin Fisher is a staff officer not a fleet commander. At the beginning of the 13th Fleet he was a Commodore. Therefore, he didn't have a fleet command and stayed within Yang's headquarter on the Hyperion. He got his ship later after being promoted to admiral, a requisitory of the rank, and having his own staff, too. Btw, that's when the young african-origin officer took over his place on the Hyperion. Anyway, the FPA doesn't build ships for commanders like the Empire, so the ship is not necessary assigned to Fischer to begin with. As seen in a later episode with the FPA shipyard, the FPA pretty much uses similar procedures as today's. New ships are first commanded by the shipyard personnel, then by an interim officer before being handed to their real first captain. Here some time could go by. However, the 13th Fleet was thrown together before being completed, most of its new ships got probably handed over without much "tests".
Just write "presumed" in reference to these information. And add first and last appearance reference from the anime. That's better than making fan-official. Almael 00:01, 27 October 2011 (UTC)
You are incorrect about Edwin Fischer being just a staff officer on Hyperion and therefore your reasoning about why he could not have had his ship during the initial 13th Fleet formation is also flawed. In Episode 6, at around the 12:04 mark we have a clear shot of Edwin Fisher and he has the characteristic orange kerchief on his chest indicative of a flag rank officer in command over more than one ship. See the indicated file which shows what the various things characters have on their chest mean. A staff officer (like Murai) would have the upper right feature of a red square, which is explained by the kanji as denoting a staff officer advisor. The lower right, showing the orange kerchief, indicates flag rank. For an example of a true staff officer of commodore rank look at Yang Wen-li in My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars, where he has the red square on his chest. We know this uniform system is actually implemented in the anime because you can also see for example in episode 51 at 17:08, looking at the captain of Hyperion. He has the tricolor flag pin denoting captain of the ship, matching the upper left feature in that guide sketch.
Commodore Marinetti in episode 48, at 2:53 is shown and he also has an orange kerchief, and he is commanding from the 'Rustam. Commodore Nguyen Van Huu in episode 20 also has the orange kerchief and also has a flagship Maurya. Likewise for Dusty and Triglav. Over and over again we see officers of commodore rank in the FPA with squadron command, having the orange kerchief denoting flag rank and command, and with distinctive flagships. Quite simply your assertion regarding Edwin Fischer being a mere staff officer is contradicted by the evidence and there exists ample other evidence of FPA commodore ranks having distinctive flagships, so neither can it simply be chalked up to Edwin Fischer getting the ship upon Rear Admiral rank. In the Empire, unique flagships seem to be only from Vice Admiral on up but that does not appear to be the case in the Alliance.Iracundus 04:42, 27 October 2011 (UTC)
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