New Trends (episode)

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'New Trends'
LOGH: series 1, episode 16
released 1989/04/??
Erwin Josef II crown.jpg
October 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE)
16th of 110 released in LOGH
17th of 213 released in all

New Trends (Japanese: 新たなる潮流) is the 16th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



End of the Battle of Amritsar: Yang Wen-li's 13th Fleet keeps the Imperial Fleet at bay, allowing Vice Admiral Alexandre Bewcock to withdraw the remaining fleets. After that, Yang manages to escape destruction (once again). Meanwhile, Kaiser Friedrich IV passes away without appointing an heir. Reinhard teams up with Minister of State Klaus von Lichtenlade in order to crown Erwin Josef II, one of the late emperor's three grandchildren. Duke Otho von Braunschweig and Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim, fathers of the two others, prepare to dispute this arrangement. Back in the Free Planets Alliance, Job Trunicht assumes the position of Supreme Chairman of the High Council, Bewcock as Commander of the Space Fleet, and Yang as Commander of Iserlohn Fortress. Yang takes all his staff from the 13th Fleet (reorganised as the Iserlohn Garrison Fleet) with him, together with Dusty Attemborough, Nguyen Van Huu and a new orderly, Julian Mintz, and hopes to have Alex Cazerne appointed as Fortress Administrator. Finally, in Fezzan, Adrian Rubinsky takes his orders from the Grand Bishop of the Terraist Church.


Memorable quotes

"I only studied a little history, and I have learnt that there are two currents of thought in human society. One holds that there are things worth more than human life and the other holds that there is nothing preferable to life. When people goes to war, it is on the pretext of the former, and it justifies the latter when they stop. For how many hundreds... thousands of years has that been continuing?"

Yang Wen-li, to Frederica Greenhill after the Battle of Amritsar

"Lord Reinhard, you are surrounded by two strong enemies; Admiral Yang in the front and the high nobles behind. Do not make enemies of your subordinates as well!"

Siegfried Kircheis, to Reinhard von Lohengramm



Production staff

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