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Names of all of these hotel articles

So, we have a lot of these, and i had been stripping the Hotel from them under the assumption that that word wasn't actually part of their names. However, two things have made me reconsider: (1) The Hotel Shangri-la on Heinessen has HOTEL SHANGRI-LA emblazoned across its face, and (2) they call it Hotel Shangri-la in the actual dialogue.

That makes me think that maybe all of these really are meant to be Hotel ______. And that wouldn't really be unusual i guess, there are lots of hotels named like that in the real world. So i think i'm going to rename them all. But i've been working on these for hours so i'll leave that for another day, and in the mean time you can tell me if i'm wrong...  ♥ kine @ 11:30, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

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