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Character redesign

Lin Pao LD->DVD comparison

Lin Pao has a complete character redesign between versions. Needs to be detailed/documented in apocrypha section. (LD/DVD version is different than Remaster version). — Canary

Agreed completely. Yusef Tpalour (or whatever his real name is) was also redesigned. See right for a comparison of Lin Pao though. kine

Chinese name

Chinese: 林帕歐. May I ask where did you guys get the Chinese names? From the Chinese subs of Chinese (Taiwan) DVDs? Or from Japanese sources where sometimes they give out the Chinese character names in their proper Kanjis (like Líng Xiǎoyǔ = 凌曉雨 = リン・シャオユー of Tekken). If it's from Chinese DVDs... hmm... I dunno if those can be considered "official". Just saying. For example, in the Yang Wenli page, there's 楊威利, but 威 is read as wēi, not wen, dunno why the DVD subbing team decided to use that character instead.

On Lin Pao case, it's 林帕歐 Lín Pà-ōu -> Lín - Pà - Ōu, three characters, where "pao" itself (could be bao (unaspirated) / pao (aspirated)) is a sound which is available in Chinese (Mandarin) sounds, and a pretty common one, also used in names often. Using Lín - Pà - Ōu is like an overkill to me :p It sounds weird, and the meaning is non-existent, more like a sound transliteration. No average Chinese (Mandarin) speaking parents would wanna name their kids like that, I think :p If I have to choose, I'll stay with Lin Pao, simple and plausible Chinese name. Anyway just my opinion. I wonder what have gone through in the Chinese DVD maker studio when they were subbing LotGH for choosing weird names instead of cooking up something simple and plausible :p Fāng Qiūlín = 方秋林 (Fang Tchewling) is cool though.

Anyway, just my opinion :) 3island18 01:21, 19 March 2013 (UTC)

They are from the Chinese subs on the original Japanese DVDs. I have the original DVD release sourced directly from Japan, so it is as official as it gets. Iracundus 08:41, 19 March 2013 (UTC)
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