The Hero's New Assignment (episode)

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'The Hero's New Assignment'
SL: series 1, episode 2
released 1999/12/??
Yang in Cazerne office.jpg
September-October 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE)
2nd of 14 released in SL
139th of 213 released in all

The Hero's New Assignment (Japanese: 英雄の新しい仕事) is the second episode of the Spiral Labyrinth arc of the second series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



On 19 September 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE), Yang Wen-li is promoted to Lieutenant for his efforts in evacuating the civilians of El Facil. Six hours after his promotion, he is promoted again to Lt Commander, making it effectively a double promotion. For the next few weeks, he is thrown into a flurry of events as many people from various sectors of society ranging from the media to his estranged maternal family try to capitalise on his new fame, which he comes to detest. Eventually in October while waiting for his new assignment and avoiding the limelight, Yang is assigned by Alex Cazerne to investigate the Tuesday Correspondence and ascertain the truth behind its allegation that the Free Planets Alliance war hero Bruce Ashbey was murdered and not killed in action as stated in the official records.




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