The Plan to Retake Iserlohn (episode)

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'The Plan to Retake Iserlohn'
LOGH: series 3, episode 15
released 1994/??/??
Yang Iserlohn retake plan.jpg
December 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE)
69th of 110 released in LOGH
72nd of 213 released in all

The Plan to Retake Iserlohn (Japanese: イゼルローン再奪取作戦) is the 69th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



The Imperial Fleet heads deeper into Free Planets Alliance territory. Julian Mintz and friends arrive in El Facil. Julian passes the Terraism data disk to Yang Wen-li. Yang then explains to Julian and Olivier Poplin his plan to retake Iserlohn Fortress. The El Facil government is wary of Yang being outside of their field of control, therefore they refuse to let Yang lead the operation to retake Iserlohn. Yang has effectively become a figure for restraining the excesses of his subordinates. Yang speaks with Boris Konev about the possibility of obtaining financial support from independent Fezzani merchants. In late December 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE), the El Facil Revolutionary Reserve Force under Willibald Joachim von Merkatz launches towards Iserlohn. During the same time, the remnants of the Free Planets Star Fleet launches for their final sortie.


Memorable quotes

"The entire population of the human race is 40 billion. And half of it is women. Even considering that half of that won't pass the age limit and a further half of that will fail on the account of their looks, there still are 5 billion that are potential targets of my romance. I can't waste even one second."
"Oh…? Aren't you concerned about character and intellect?"
"I'll leave the women with good character to you. I'll take the other half with bad character."
"Commander, are you aware? What you're saying can't be interpreted as anything but fraud even if I speak diplomatically."

Olivier Poplin and Dusty Attemborough

"We're doing this revolutionary war out of foppery and whim. Got that?"

Dusty Attemborough, to Olivier Poplin

"I want to ask, do you honestly intend to defeat Kaiser Reinhard? So far, Kaiser Reinhard has not made any instances of misgovernment. Plus, his capacity and forces are probably more than enough to rule the entire universe. Is there any guarantee that the universe will be a better place after he's defeated, Yang?"
"You're so honest. That's fine, but there's one more thing. No matter how hard you try there's no guarantee that the once weakened republican democracy will be revived in good health. And that's okay with you, too?"
"You may be right. But if we don't plant seeds just because they will wither someday, there's no chance that the grass will grow. Also, we can’t go without eating meals just because we'll eventually get hungry anyway. Isn't that right, Boris?"

Boris Konev and Yang Wen-li

"A mutinous spirit is the source of independence."

Boris Konev, to Yang Wen-li



Production staff

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