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The flagship Triglav (797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE))
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Flag officer: Rear Admiral Dusty Attenborough
Purpose: Squadron Flagship (13th Fleet)
Pennant number: 13FB12-1003
Status: Active

The Triglav (Japanese:トリグラフ) was the Alliance flagship of Dusty Attenborough.


Service history

The Triglav was first observed based at Iserlohn Fortress as part of the 13th Fleet, departing with the fleet on campaign against the forces of the National Salvation Military Council. Its first battle was against the 11th Fleet in the Battle of Doria. (DNT: 'The Yang Fleet Mobilises', 'The Battle of the Doria Starzone')


An 'FB12' series flagship, the Triglav was a unique battleship design, dramatically different to (and presumably more advanced than) the majority of other Alliance flagships. Instantly recogniseable due to its distinctive weapons arrays divided into three large prong-like emplacements, it had a blue colour scheme. Each of its three main weapon emplacements were identical in design to the ventral armament array of the battleship Ulysses. Each emplacement included two cannons capable of firing large beams capable of causing catastrophic damage to a battleship. (DNT: 'The Battle of the Doria Starzone')

Compared to the 18 launch bays equipping the majority of Alliance battleships, it was equipped with only 12 launch bays divided evenly between the port and starboard side of the rear hull, allowing for a complement of 24 Spartanian fighters.




Background information

The name Triglav is a reference to the Slavic deity Triglav. Like the ship, the god Triglav had three heads — indeed, the word itself means three-headed.

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