The Yang Fleet Mobilises (DNT episode)

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This article is about the Die Neue These episode. For the similarly titled OVA episode, see The Yang Fleet Goes Out (episode).

'The Yang Fleet Mobilises'
DNT: series 2, episode 5
released 2019/10/25
Yang Fleet departing Iserlohn (DNT).jpg
April 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE)
17th of 24 released in DNT
182nd of 189 released in all

The Yang Fleet Mobilises (Japanese: ヤン艦隊出動) is the 17th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.



In the Free Planets Alliance capital planet Heinessen, Andrew Falk is discharged from the hospital. Hoping to be reinstated to active duty, Falk approaches Joint Operations Headquarters Chief Kubersly to make a direct request. After Kubersly reproves him for trying to bypass proper channels, Falk shoots him in anger, critically injuring him. This incident ignites the chain of events that occur right afterwards. First, an explosion, presumed to be an accident, occurs at the maintenance centre of the Heinessen Air Defence Base. Next, a series of armed revolts break out in the planets Neptise, Kaffer, Palmeland and Shampool. Finally, on 13 April, a military coup is successfully staged in Heinessen itself. The usurpers, led by Admiral Dwight Greenhill, styles themselves as the National Salvation Military Council (NSMC) and suspends the democratic institutions of the Alliance. High Council Chairman Job Trunicht goes into hiding. Yang Wen-li decides to fight for democracy; the Yang Fleet leaves Iserlohn Fortress on 20 April to suppress the coup d'état while the NSMC-aligned 11th Fleet goes out to stop it.



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