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The battleship Ulysses (796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE))
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Type: Battleship
Pennant number: 13BB11-2813
Status: Active

The Ulysses (Japanese: ユリシーズ) was an Alliance battleship.


Service history

The Ulysses was part of the newly formed Iserlohn Garrison Fleet under Admiral Yang Wen-li in 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE). It escorted an Imperial vessel to Iserlohn Fortress carrying a special envoy to propose a prisoner exchange. (DNT: 'Before the Storm')


The Ulysses, whilst a battleship, had little resemblance to the standard battleships of the Alliance fleet. It's pennant number prefix - BB11 - probably denoted it as a newer generation of battleship than the majority of observed battleships in the Alliance fleet (i.e. standard Alliance battleships and the flagship battleship variants of the 'FB10' series). It featured a blue color scheme and a hull layout which distributed its forward cannon armament between both the dorsal and ventral side of the bow. The ventral bow armament was identical in layout to the main emplacements on the Triglav, making the Ulysses similarly capable of firing heavy beams. A semi-circular ring structure also housed six of its twelve engines.

9 launch bays for Spartanian fighters were located on both the port and starboard side of the rear hull, allowing for a total of 36 Spartanian fighters. (DNT: 'Before the Storm')




Background information

Ulysses is the Latin name of Odysseus, the protagonist of the ancient Greek epic poem, the Odyssey.

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