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The 2nd Fleet (Japanese: 第2艦隊) was a unit of the Free Planets Star Fleet, formed some time prior to 795 UC (486 IC / 3595 CE). During the Battle of Astarte, the 2nd Fleet consisted of 15,000 warships under the command of Vice Admiral Paetta. During the battle, Paetta was severely injured and forced to give command of the fleet to a staff officer, Yang Wen-li. Yang subsequently led the 2nd Fleet in a successful counterattack, and was able to withdraw from Astarte with minimal casualties. For his actions while in command of the 2nd Fleet, Yang became a national hero, the 'hero of Astarte'. (LOGH: 'In the Eternal Night', 'The Battle of Astarte')

The surviving remainder of the 2nd Fleet was later incorporated into Yang's 13th Fleet under the order of Dwight Greenhill. (LOGH: 'Invasion of the Imperial Territory')

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