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The 1st Fleet (Japanese: 第1艦隊) was a unit of the Free Planets Star Fleet. In 798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE) it was stationed at the planet Heinessen as the Alliance capital's sole defensive fleet. (LOGH: 'Fortress vs Fortress')

As no actual seperate fleets existed - or were needed - prior to the Battle of Dagon - it is certain that it was the first independent force established by the Alliance as it strengthened and expanded its forces to keep the Imperial forces from taking over its territory. It presumably was started from one of the six squadrons which Lin Pao led to victory in the aforementioned battle. In any event, it was formed before the Second Battle of Tiamat.

Over the 150 years of the war, the 1st Fleet was, aside from its role as a line of defence for planet Heinessen itself, the main internal military arm to prevent piracy and other space-based crimes. Because of this, the 1st Fleet enjoyed more support than most from the Alliance populace.

Although it had, throughout the war, fought in few actual battles, three years of severe attrition had whittled down the Free Planets Star Fleet to only two main, full-strength fleets by 799 UC: the 1st Fleet under Vice Admiral Paetta, and the Yang Fleet. With the latter fleet charged with protecting the Alliance from the Iserlohn front, it was the 1st Fleet, as well as the newly-formed 14th and 15th, which formed the core of the 39,600 Alliance ships which fought at the Battle of Rantemario.

Following the battle, what battle-ready ships remained were transferred under the command of Yang Wen-li during his guerilla-like counterattack, and the 1st Fleet, for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist with the Treaty of Ba‘alat.

These are the known commanders of the 1st Fleet:

Fleet Admiral Kubersly : at least 794 UC (485 IC / 3594 CE) - 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE)
Vice Admiral Paetta: 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE) - 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE)
Fleet Admiral Bewcock: 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE) (In overall field command of the Combined Fleet)
Fleet Admiral Yang: 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE) (In overall field command of the Combined Fleet)
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