After the Festival (episode)

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'After the Festival'
LOGH: series 3, episode 29
released 1995/??/??
Ulysses and escorts.jpg
June 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE)
83rd of 110 released in LOGH
86th of 213 released in all

After the Festival (Japanese: 祭りの後) is the 83rd episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



Julian Mintz finds Yang Wen-li's body. Julian and the rest of the rescue group return to Iserlohn Fortress. The staff in Iserlohn enters into a state of mourning. Julian tells Frederica Greenhill Yang about Yang's death. It is decided by Yang's remaining staff that Frederica will assume the role of political leader, and Julian to be the next military leader. Julian accepts the role of military leadership after talking with Frederica. Unrest within Iserlohn grows and there is talk of desertion. Vice Admiral Murai speaks with Julian and tenders his resignation. Murai intends to fulfil his last task for Yang by taking all dissidents from Iserlohn while bearing the infamy of being portrayed as a leader of deserters. The remaining leaders of the El Facil Revolutionary Government abandon the Yang Fleet.




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