The Magician Doesn't Come Back (episode)

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'The Magician Doesn't Come Back'
LOGH: series 3, episode 28
released 1995/??/??
Yang death.jpg
June 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE)
82nd of 110 released in LOGH
85th of 180 released in all

The Magician Doesn't Come Back (Japanese: 魔術師、還らず) is the 82nd episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



Reinhard von Lohengramm confides to Hildegard von Mariendorf that his memories of Siegfried Kircheis motivated him towards the calling of peace talks. Yang Wen-li discusses the situation with his staff. The death of Edwin Fischer basically cut off the legs from Yang's fleet, rendering any resumption of hostilities an act of suicide. Yang decides to accept the peace talks. Yang leaves Iserlohn Fortress on board the cruiser Leda II with minimal military personnel and the politicians from El Facil. Andrew Falk's commandeered ship finds the Leda II en route to the Imperial fleet. Two Imperial destroyers behind Falk fire on his ship, killing him. Back in Iserlohn, Yang's staff receives word of an assassination attempt by Falk. The Imperial destroyers request a meeting with Yang. The crew of those ships are in reality Terraists in disguise. Fyodor Patrichev and many others are killed defending Yang. Walter von Schönkopf, leading the Rosen Ritter, arrives on Leda II. Yang is shot in the leg. 1 June 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE): Yang Wen-li dies from blood loss at the age of 33.


Memorable quotes

"In the end, only a ghost made possible the thing that no one else was able to do."

Hildegard von Mariendorf

"I'm sorry, Frederica. I'm sorry, Julian. I'm sorry, everyone."

Yang Wen-li, in his dying moments


Background information


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