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Chao Yuiling was a central figure in the Anti-Earth Movement and served as the Director of Covert Affairs for the Black Fleet during the Earth–Sirius War. He was born on the planet Rondolina in the Sirius Starzone in 2670 CE and died in 2706 CE at the age of 36.

Early Life

When the United Earth Government invaded Rondolina at the start of the Earth–Sirius War in 2689 CE, the then-19 year old Chao Yuiling was a university student studying music composition. During an inspection, UEG Space Force soldiers murdered both Chao's brother and sister-in-law. After they were murdered before his eyes, Chao managed to escape, fleeing the capital city of Rondolina with his 3-year old nephew in tow. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

Military Career

Eventually, Chao Yuiling joined the Anti-Earth Movement. In 2691, he met with the men who, along with Chao himself, would be the four founders of the Sirius Republic: Carle Palmgren, Winslow Kennes Townshent, and Joliot Frankul. The four quickly became the leaders of the Anti-Earth movement, and created the Black Fleet in order to counter the United Earth Government's brutal Space Force.

Chao Yuiling was quickly recognized for his skill at sabotage and espionage, and became the Black Fleet's Director of Covert Affairs. He proved quite adept at information manipulation and propaganda, and his efforts were instrumental in weakening both the morale of the tryannical Earth fleets, as well as their over-extended supply lines. (LOGH: 'To Earth')


After the Black Fleet won the Earth–Sirius War with their overwhelming victory at the Battle of Sol in 2704 CE, Chao Yuiling chose to retire, despite the other three great war heroes moving on to political careers in Carle Palmgren's newly-forged Sirian Republic. Chao retired to the countryside of Rondolina, where he founded his own music conservatory, where he intended to spend the rest of his life immerse in his one passion.

In 2706, however, the Sirian Republic's leader, Carle Palmgren, died of a heart attack, leaving the central government in chaos. Within three months, former Prime Minister of the republic, Chao's former comarade Winslow Kennes Townshent, had seized total authority in the republic and declared himself dictator. Fearful of all possible threats, Townshent quickly orderd the arrest and execution of Chao Yuiling.

Chao Yuiling was killed in his own music conservatory in 2706 CE, at the age of 36. (LOGH: 'To Earth')

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